Cloud Services


In 2010 international business research firm Gartner identified Cloud Services as the number one strategic technology that would help businesses in 2011

icon-tickFixed monthly costs

Save money with fixed monthly service fees that include user licensing, support, maintenance, backup and version upgrades.

icon-tickPer user / unit pricing

Cloud Services are based on a consumption price model, you only pay for the services you actually use.

icon-tickFlexibility & Scalability

Implement new solutions today, integrate with existing hardware and software investments, test new applications and scale your businesses as required.

icon-tickConnection mobility

Real time access can be provided to your users wherever there is internet connectivity.

icon-tickManagement & Support

You don’t need to worry about maintenance, updates or version upgrades; we take care of the lot.

icon-tickService reliability

24 hour monitoring, built in redundancy and back up procedures to ensure that your critical applications and data are always available.

SysCorp Cloud Services



Remove the hassle and expense of an internally managed email system.


Email Archiving

Never lose another email, contact, calendar entry or attachment ever again.


Offsite Backup

A cost effective, online backup routine that automatically performs critical business backups daily.


Virtual Servers

All the functionality of traditional physical servers and software, but with none of the disadvantages.


Domain & Website

Registration, setup, hosting and maintenance of business website and corporate domains.


Management Services

Remotely monitor, maintain and automate the management of infrastructure.


Managed Anti-Spam

Filter email before it enters your business network. Protecting servers and mailboxes from spam, viruses, phishing and emerging email-based threats.


Managed Anti-Virus

Easy and cost effective protection for your business users and assets.

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